Selling toys

So I have made the decision to sell my beloved Nighthawk S. A bike that I have had for 10 or 12 years. I don’t even remember how long it has been! She has made the trip to Davenport, IA at least 4 times and I used to put at least 10k a year on her just commuting back and forth to work. Hit a deer with her back in ’04 and had to completely remodel the front end. It took me a month to find parts on Ebay and was not covered by insurance. Had her repainted to look like a newer ’86 version at that point. Had to rebuild the top end once when she started burning a little oil and a couple of exhaust valves were leaking. Other than little things she had been fairly trouble free for all those years. A great commuter bike but the gas mileage has never been spectacular, only 42-45mpg. It might be that way because the engineers at Honda wanted to build a shaft drive sport bike and they had to make the engine spin backwards so cams had to be designed to work that way. They didn’t get the mileage bugs worked out or they were more concerned with performance. The thing will scoot right along and has that wonderful 6th gear overdrive. In any event, it will be a sad day to see her go but I am looking for something more dual sport-ish, like an XR650L or something like that. Over the years I have bought and sold many bikes and I always have hated the selling part. If I had the storage space and the money I would have kept them all. Each one served a purpose at the time and each one brings back fond memories. But like a lot of things, you just gotta let them go.

Back in the saddle!

P255-377-256-312-000h-0020-c10-l056-02-0360-1080-0359-1079-000-LB00-1So today was the first day I was able to ride, this year. It’s probably the latest I have ever gotten on the streetbike. Talk about a long, cold winter. This was it. My neighbor called and wanted me to bring his bike back to him. A little history here. He stores my small Farmall tractor (the one with the lawnmower attached) in his barn for the winter, giving me more space in my shed for Ol Bessie, all decked out in full winter snow-moving gear and I store his Honda VT500 Ascot in my heated basement for the winter. Works out good for both of us as neither has to pay storage. If he needs any work done on his bike I can take care of that over the winter. No pressure. I like that option. So I fired his bike up this morning and rode it over to his place. It was such a nice day that after he dropped me off at home I got my ST1100 out and went to town to fill it up with fresh gas. That was so much fun that I got out the CB700 Nighthawk and made a ten mile loop around the neighborhood on that. Later I strapped my fiddle and mandolin on the back of the big bike and rode it to church for our weekly Saturday night service. It was waaay too nice to be sitting in a car, I figured. Tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice so hopefully, I can get out again for a bit of a run. Still lots of sand out there so one must be prudent! That and the fact that my riding skills are a bit rusty from not riding for six months! Oh wait, I just remembered that I did ride to work on December 3rd last year so I guess it hasn’t been that long. Sure feels like it though…

Day Two

So after jamming with my fellow bluegrass musicians today in Wanamingo, which is always an excellent way to spend a Wednesday morning, it was back home to an excellent lunch and then off to work. All was well until I got pulled over in the Geo-trike  by a State Trooper while on my way to work. In my defense, it was on the big long downhill going into Lake City and being a bit behind schedule I was “letting the horses run” just a bit. Not bad, really, 64 in a 55 zone. The trooper had a sense of humor, however, and told me “I have always wanted to pull you over and see what this thing is registered as.”  Apparently, he has seen it before a time or two and curiosity has gotten the better of him. Just got a verbal warning from him (whew) and off I went, even made it to work on time, barely.

First day of the New Blog!

I’m happy to say that this will be my new site for my column! What it will be is a continuation of my writings, funny stuff that happens around the farm, helpful hints on fixing Honda motorcycles, Farmall tractors, making maple syrup, hobby farming adventures, barn-house living, my “inventions” , critters and kittens and just plain crazy stuff that I come up with! While I won’t be posting every day, I will be on here as much as possible when I have something to share.

Thanks for looking!