Day Two

So after jamming with my fellow bluegrass musicians today in Wanamingo, which is always an excellent way to spend a Wednesday morning, it was back home to an excellent lunch and then off to work. All was well until I got pulled over in the Geo-trike  by a State Trooper while on my way to work. In my defense, it was on the big long downhill going into Lake City and being a bit behind schedule I was “letting the horses run” just a bit. Not bad, really, 64 in a 55 zone. The trooper had a sense of humor, however, and told me “I have always wanted to pull you over and see what this thing is registered as.”  Apparently, he has seen it before a time or two and curiosity has gotten the better of him. Just got a verbal warning from him (whew) and off I went, even made it to work on time, barely.

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