Road Trip! Getting ready

Soon I will be heading off on my little motorcycle adventure to Mid-Ohio for the annual Vintage Motorcycle days. The first leg of my journey will be to my brothers place in Cadott, Wisconsin. From there the two of us will travel to the far eastern edge of Wisconsin and board the ferry that will take us across Lake Michigan, a five hour jaunt all by itself. The main purpose of this trip will be the celebration of forty years of motorcycle riding. But, as an added bonus, we will be riding to a place awash in vintage motorcycle buffs, just like us. There we will do the swap meet shuffle for a couple of days in search of rusty gold, sleep under the stars, and endure a cold shower or two.
There are just a few more details left for me to take care of. I need to mount a new front tire on the big ST and change the oil. Maybe new spark plugs if time allows. Then I’ll pack the trailer and make sure it is not loaded too heavy. After all is ready, I’ll give my wife some final instructions, a big kiss and then hit the dusty road outa here. Pics will follow after we return, victorious, and with many a tall tale to tell. Stay tuned.

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