Day 3, Mid-Ohio AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

Day 3, Mid-Ohio AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

We left Muskegon, MI about 8am in the heat. Heading south and east through Michigan farm country. The heat kept building all day and as we approached Mansfield, Ohio I could see that the road had a wet look to it. The temperature really started to drop at that point which felt really good! Apparently, we had just missed a small thunderstorm that had moved through the area. We arrived at the track/swap meet area about 3:30pm local time and set up our tents. This would be our basecamp for the next two and one half days. Our neighbors next door were a couple of Gold Wing riding brothers from Kentucky that were the same age we are and we spent a couple hours that night entertaining each other with stories about growing up riding motorcycles and the shennigans that came with it. More to come.

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