Corn picking time!

Corn picking time!

So I got started picking corn last week and after a couple of rainy days just finished up on Sunday. The old girl worked just fine and I had zero breakdowns and no plug-ups either. That has never happened before. The thing was running so good I hated to stop! So I shelled the remaining corn on Sunday also and then took it in to Wanamingo on Monday morning to the grain elevator to sell. They tested the moisture content and it came up as 33%. Wow. Guess I shoulda put it in the corn crib till spring but whatever. It’s over and done with. I will let them dry it down. I bought a load of dry corn while I was there and hauled it back home just before it started raining. Talk about good timing. It’s been kind of a weird year. Spring was too wet, and summer was too dry. The corn yeild was down over what I usually get. There were some nice big ears but a lot of nubs and the coon had damaged a lot of it as well. So I only ended up with 90 bushels off of an acre and a half. That’s how it goes farming around here. You plant and take your chances. Maybe next year will be better.

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